What is the Best Vitiligo Treatment available over the counter?

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disorder that in manifested by depigmentation of the skin. This condition is caused by malfunction or death of the skin’s melanocytes. The melancocytes are cells that are responsible for the skin pigmentation. What causes them to die out early is highly not known yet, but it is a highly complex process that involves auto immune, genetic as well as environmental factors. Vitiligo is also often associated with people who have thyroid disorders. Around less than 1% of the entire world’s population suffer from Vitiligo, and Michael Jackson was perhaps the most famous person with the disease.

While not life threatening, Vitiligo can be an inhibiting disease. Although not all, plenty of people who suffer from it tend to feel embarrassed and withdraw themselves from social events and social connections

There are numerous Vitiligo treatments out in the market, but none are as effective as this new Vitiligo treatment: AntiVitiligo Oil. Anti Vitiligo Oil is a natural herbal remedy that allows re – pigmentation of the skin. Currently, it is the most effective external skin treatment for the condition. AntiVitiligo works by returning the skin to it’s normal complexion. It eases and treats Vitiligo easily without the need for supplements.

AntiVitiligo started in Asia, where it has been tested among the brown races and Asians for over centuries already. This product has just been recently introduced to a worldwide audience and has been proven to work on other skin colors and races as well. This means that this new Vitiligo treatment can work on different kinds of Vitiligo disorder including acrofacial Vitiligo, Vitiligo vulgaris and acrofacial Vitiligo

AntiVitiligo is created by TrueHerbals laboratories, which has been successful in creating numerous natural treatments for different conditions. AntiVitiligo herbal treatment stems from a traditional herbal formulation, which has simply been taken up a notch and scientifically refined. After it has claimed wonderful results on the local market, it was launched into the international market a few years back. The success rate of the product has been phenomenal as ever since then.

AntiVitiligo removes symptoms and signs of the disease, and is effective not just for recent or new cases but for long standing conditions as well. There have been documented Vitiligo cases that are 25 years old, and have been cured by the product!

Benefits may show up in around two weeks, but it generally takes around two to six months for total restoration of skin pigmentation. The healing process also depends on the onset of the disease. New conditions tend to respond faster and have a faster healing time than older diseases. Another factor that affects healing time is where the condition is concentrated. Areas such as the neck, abdomen, chest, thighs and upper arms usually heal faster in comparison to the hands, feet, perianal and inguinal regions. Also, people with darker complexions also tend to heal faster than people with fair complexions.

AntiVitiligo incorporates the curative properties of four herbal substances. It’s base is coconut oil, which is very high in anti – oxidants. Coconut oil is also high in vitamin E, and is easily absorbed on the human skin. It is also an effective skin moisturizer, is anti – fungal, anti bacterial and anti – viral in nature.

The next ingredient is Psoralea Corylifolia, which is rich in naturally occurring psoralen. Psoralen has been tested for treatment with white skin patches, and has been used for many years as an oral or topical treatment.

Black Cumin comes from the seed of the Nigella sativa plant, which is anti – cancer in nature. It promotes cell mediated immune responses of the body.

The last ingredient is Barberry root, which comes from the root of the Berberis vulgaris plant. This root contains chemicals and bioactive compronds. The root has plenty of alkaloids and is rich in several vitamins.

Together, they form Anti – Vitiligo, the best over the counter treatment for the condition today!